About us

Supalyrics was founded as a hobby project of two college friends. We wanted to create a platform with lyrics in all genres of music.

Quite soon, it became too difficult to deal with the demands of the rapidly growing user base. We started to look for new members to join our team, and now we have a much bigger team of like-minded friends who improve and maintain Supalyrics every day.

Today, Supalyrics is a community of music enthusiasts who got together to help you find comprehensive information about your favorite songs. Supalyrics provides a large dynamically updated database of lyrics, album covers, official tracklists of albums, stories of song creation told by their authors, and many more.

We do everything to make Supalyrics database to grow as fast as possible, and you can help us with it! Join our community of contributors and publish lyrics that we haven’t added yet. We are working together with thousands of regular contributors already, and we are always glad to see new faces.


  • Has an extensive database of lyrics by both popular and niche artists;
  • Includes only thoroughly checked official versions of lyrics;
  • Features a growing community of music fans, which you can join right now for free!

Our Goal

We created Supalyrics to let you find the lyrics of your favorite songs without any difficulties. The interface of the website was designed to ensure high-quality user experience on all existing platforms, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. Besides, we offer a wide range of music-related services, which you can learn about on our Service page.

Why Choose Supalyrics?
We are focused on simplicity and utility. Just type what you need, and you’ll find it. To help you with the learning of new lyrics, we integrated a music player that automatically finds a track that matches lyrics.

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