Privacy Policy

Supalyrics cares about your privacy. That’s why we are totally transparent when it comes to the processing of your personal information. We don’t disclose any personal information to any legal or illegal third parties in any case. Besides, our security team monitors website firewall to avoid breaches and updates security protocols to meet the most recent standards. 

All visitors and partners of Supalyrics are free to provide, change, and remove their personal information from the website. The present Privacy Policy discloses Supalyrics data processing and protection principles. 

The platform and its authorized members don’t sell personal information of users and partners. All operations with personal data are conducted in strict compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (specifically but not limited to Article 6(1)(b) to (f) and Article 28).

On the presents Privacy Policy page of Supalyrics, the terms “personal data” and “personal information” imply any kind of information related to an actually existing person who identified himself or herself using means provided by the website or can be identified by Supalyrics personnel directly or indirectly. The list of identificational references includes identification numbers, geolocation data, online identifiers, names, nicknames, and other relevant types of identifiers (the “personal data” or “personal information”).  

In the present Privacy Policy, all names synonymous to Supalyrics, including “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Dominic Martyn. Dominic Martyn is responsible for personal data processing on Supalyrics and related official accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

Supalyrics is legally responsible for all operations with personal data of Supalyrics users and partners. “Users” are all authorized users of Supalyrics. “Partners” are all parties that established any types of agreements with Supalyrics, including advertising and promotional services enlisted in the Services section of the website. 

What types of Personal Data Supalyrics proceeds and for what Purpose

Usage Data Processing

Like any website, our platform detects and saves the name of your current Internet provider. We also see that the domain of the website from which you entered Supalyrics, HTTP and HTTPS referrers, addresses of the particular pages that you visited on our platform and duration of each session. We also see information about the device that you use to access our website, including the location, name of the web browser, interface language, device model name, screen resolution, and the operating system name. Your IP address and the country marker are needed to provide a more personalized user experience based on your location. Usage data is also used to simplify access to the website from different devices. The anonymized summary of usage data generated by our website users can be processed for statistical purposes and website service improvement. 

We are allowed to process and share statistical and demographic Aggregated Data for any purpose. Aggregated Data is a category of data extracted from your personal data but doesn’t reveal your personality in any direct or indirect form. This type of data isn’t considered personal data (personal information) by the law. For instance, we are allowed to take your usage data to calculate statistics upon specific website function usage. 

The combined usage of Aggregated data with any data that is considered personal data, it is used in accordance with personal data processing rules enlisted in the present Privacy Policy. We can also request your full name and email address for providing subscription services and posing of comments.  


Our website uses cookies to analyze basic Intergen log data, user IDs of registered visitors, and behavioral patterns of website visitors. Such operations are conducted to improve service quality, ensure platform security, use relevant data for marketing purposes, and simplification of functions. Cookies are files generated by websites and stored on computers for keeping records and improving website functionary. If you are not satisfied with the use of cookies, you can disable cookies transmission in the settings of your browser. If you passed your cookies to us and want to delete them from our servers, contact the support team – [email protected] If you want to use Supalyrics without providing cookie files, some features of the website may become unavailable for you. 

Supalyrics uses cookies along with mobile ad identifiers to provide information for advertising measurements. Global ePrivacy laws require user agreement for the use of cookies. Our website uses Google AdSense, which follows these regulations and requires users to provide an agreement to allow ads personalization. 

Contact Policy

Supalyrics is open for contacts with users, potential customers, and partners. You are free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or suggestions. For that purpose, you can use our contact form, direct email address, online chat (if active), phone number, or other methods available on the Contact Us page. You can supply your query with the description of the problem, and supportive documents, such as screenshots, code elements, etc. This data would help us solve your problem faster. 

Supalyrics holds the right to use analytics tools to track email interactions on the user side. Tools can be chosen at our own discretion and used for capturing actions that users do when they read emails received from Supalyrics. We can use this data to measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns and communication with users. 

We may also receive data about your actions on Supalyrics from third-party services, including market research and advertising platforms. They can provide us with information about user engagement and the level of interest in our online services. All data from third-party services is considered Aggregated Data and doesn’t disclose your personality in any form. 


Data Access and Disclosure to Third Parties

We use services provided by several official technical data analytics platforms, data processors, and online storage providers. Another category of services that we use helps us to analyze and improve our services. It includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Adsense, and Google Publisher Tags. We also use services that help us to host the Supalyrics website and provide our services. We provide your personal information to these service providers following the rules and limitations enlisted in the present Privacy Policy and using only protected means of data transfer. Third parties can’t process your personal data without pursuance of our guidelines. 


Besides, we can provide your personal data to the group of companies and personalities who work on behalf of the ultimate holding company, our and their subsidiaries. All operations are conducted following legal regulations described in this Privacy Policy. The only case when we can provide your personal information to third parties without your agreement is when we are obligated to do so by the law and legally established court instructions. 

Communication with you is Necessary

Supalyrics can send you notifications, documents, customer support replies, marketing messages, and information about updates via email. You have the right to unsubscribe from our email newsletter and subscribe back for free. You can’t unsubscribe from emails required by law. For example, it’s impossible to unsubscribe from notifications about data breaches, hacker attacks, and changes in policies. 

SPAM Security 

The traffic of Supalyrics is analyzed by Google reCAPTCHA that may process personal data of Supalyrics users to filter data and recognize SPAM traffic to help us remove it. 

Legal Regulations for processing

All the information about Supalyrics users that we collect is processed under applicable EU law regulations. The applicable regulations may change depending on your particular case of using services provided by Supalyrics. It means that we are allowed to store and process your Personal Information and Aggregated Data only:

  • When we can’t provide Supalyrics to you without using this information. This act includes the provision of customer support services and security measures.
  • When we need it to conduct data research, Supalyrics development, marketing, and promotion of Supalyrics. All the enlisted operations don’t override your legal data protection interests. 
  • When you allow us to use your data for particular purposes;
  • When we are required to store and process your data to complete our legal obligations. 

You Have The Rights for Your Data

Your legal rights let you be informed about the processing of your Personal Information conducted by Supalyrics, restrict data processing, and remove Personal Data from Supalyrics servers and servers of our partners. You also hold the right to request a clear and machine-readable summary of Personal Data that you transferred to Supalyrics during the entire period of usage. 

The only way that allows Supalyrics to identify you is the email address that only you can provide to us. We can comply with your request and provide you with a summary only if you contacted Supalyrics directly or using means provided by the website. We won’t provide you with any data that Supalyrics servers store by the will of other users and customers of our services. 

You can use any of the rights that we enlisted in the present Privacy Policy via the tools available in your Account or via contacting Supalyrics customer support team: [email protected] You also have the right to ask any question and forward complaints and suggestions related to the processing of your personal information via email: [email protected] 

You are allowed to deny your agreement anytime, but it won’t make any operations conducted with your Personal Data prior to the denial. No matter when you want to deny your agreement, you have to consider that it may affect the quality of services provided by Supalyrics and the work of the website. Denying the agreement, you also confirm that Supalyrics is not responsible for Personal Data damage that may potentially happen at the moment of denial. 


Processing Duration Policy

Supalyrics has the right to store user data generated by you and other users for around five years after you provide your consent. We will stop processing it immediately when you deny your agreement. Information from all other categories enlisted in the present Privacy Policy can be stored and processed for as long as we need it for original purposes. Supalyrics can also retain data in compliance with the law.  

Privacy Policy Revisions 

Supalyrics has the right to revise the present Privacy Policy. Only the most recent version of the Privacy Policy can determine how we collect, process, and disclose Personal Information. If any changes to Supalyrics Privacy Policy occur, we will publish a written notification on the Supalyrics as soon as the changes become active. 

If you continue to use Supalyrics and its services after any changes are made to the Privacy Policy, it means that you accept its modifications. All modifications to the Privacy Policy become active on the day they are posted on the website or during 30 days after the post is published. All your actions after the date of the activation of changes confirm that you accept the changed Privacy Policy. 

Contact Details

Name: Dominic Martyn

Email Address: [email protected]

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