Our Services

Supalyrics is not only a database of lyrics, album covers, and tracklists. It’s also an advanced platform for product advertising and promotion of musical projects. It attracts thousands of unique and regular users every day, providing our clients with an opportunity to be seen by millions of music lovers in short terms. 

Supalyrics visitors come to read, listen, sing, play along, and have in-depth insights on lyrics. It means that the website’s retention rates are very high. Our user base includes people from many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and others. Music is a universal language, so it connects people from all over the world!

You can rely on us if you need to tell about yourself to your target audience. We are open to collaborations and happy to place high-quality appropriate ads as well as help you to conduct promotion campaigns. If your business or product is related to music and lyrics, Supalyrics is an excellent advertising instrument to raise your brand awareness. 

Our partners

Supalyrics has established relations with:

  • Debutant and famous artists who want to promote a new album or an upcoming tour;
  • Musical instrument manufacturers;
  • Sound producers;
  • Subscription-based online music platforms;
  • Beginner songwriters and musicians;
  • Musical education establishments, such as courses, camps, academies, etc. 

Why Supalyrics?

We provide flexible customer service so that you can publish your ads and promos and curate them. You can get in touch via email 24/7 and get a reply as soon as possible. We get many requests, but none of them get lost or stay without a comprehensive response. 

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