Corduroy Dreams

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Corduroy Dreams

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  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 11/7/2016
  • Genre: Alternative
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: explicit
How could I ignore you?
Trust me I adore you
We're swimming through our dreams
Kiss me in the shower
For a couple hours
Though we're only sixteen

And sit down beside me
Don't call me daddy
'Cause that's just fucking weird
Promise that you'll stay here
You and I can lay here
Until the end of time

But girl, well don't you worry 'bout me
It ain't new to me
Feeling this lonely, darling
Girl, don't worry about me
But if you're ever unhappy
Then maybe, baby, I must let you go
Let you go

Baby now it's best here, to lay me down and rest here
Let's dream of Corduroy
Work for what you love to do and I will watch right over you
With your heart I'll never toy

And you're the other half of me
Drink and sleep and laugh with me
Take me from myself
See I'm a fucking basket case
Until I'm able to see your face
You saved me from myself

But girl, don't worry 'bout me
'Cause it ain't new to me
Feeling this lonely
Darling baby, girl, don't worry about me
'Cause if you're ever unhappy
If you're ever unhappy

If you're ever, ever unhappy
Then maybe
Maybe baby, I must let you go Writer(s): Alexander James O'connor

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