Kid Ink


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  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 12/20/2019
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: explicit
Fuck is you doin'?
Ayy, comin' in hot
Fresh out the bubbling pot
Throw me the rock
I pull my weight like The Rock
You can't even hold down your block

Fuck is you doin'?
Say that your whip out the lot
You prolly live on the side
Do pickups at night
Tryna get chicks from the bar
Bitch only gave you a star (Wait)

Fuck is you doin'?
Ayy, talkin' 'bout drip
I could buy all of your chains with one of my wrists, ayy
Shine like December, look at you like one of my kids

Fuck is you doin'?
Ayy, check all the stats
No, I am not one to brag, these are just facts
Helped put the shit on the map
You just been settin' it back

Fuck is you doin'?
Indica, heavy
Smell like you smoking on Reggie
Backwood is fatter than settie
Your blend is thin as spaghetti
Just keep your shit to the left
I'm high, you're just high and dip
I don't do behind your back, ayy
I say it direct (Wait)

Fuck is you doin'?
Ayy, I'ma tell you like a bro
You need more control of your hoes
She all in the 'Gram with no clothes
Pussy popping, and striking a pose
I hope that you hittin' a lick
You better be gettin' a check
I heard that you takin' the pics (Woah)

Fuck is you doin?
Man, it's a shame
Most of these niggas is strange
Won't ever change, eh
Say that they bang
But they ain't never been with the gang
Fuck is you doin'?
I stayed the same
You should just stay in your lane, sit with the lames
Heard that you been throwing shots
Need to go work on your aim
Go hit the range
How could you miss me
I'm running the city like Ricky
Just living my life like a hippie
You ain't make a move 'cause you iffy
The time is still ticking
The fuck is you doin'?
I'ma make sure they remember me
You just gon' end up a memory
How could we really be friends when you still go fuck with the enemy?

Fuck is you doin'?
Nah, that ain't really my energy
All the real niggas, they feeling me
I take a shot, like I'm in a key
The addy, it boost my abilities, wooh, ayy
I just stepped into my zone
Lately, I feel like the GOAT
Niggas ain't on what I'm on, you're just a clone

Fuck is you doin'?
Ayy, boy get a grip
Say, that you toting a stick
But money ain't long as a clip
Bitch, fuck is you doin'?
Repping the city of bronze
Ever since, I put my show, been balling like Jordan
And the blunt it so funky like cumin
I come with the lap, booming
You feeling the moment
The flow is so silly, it's stupid
You take any eight of my verses
I hope if you look when
I walk in the bank and I load it
You tryna fit in like a groupie
Fuck is you doin'?

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