Album: Bad Vibes Forever

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  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 12/7/2018
  • Genre: Pop
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
I'm no Josiah
But bad guys are killin', confusion
Confusion growing to disarray
It's like I really wanna amount to somethin' great
I ain't tryna... like, I ain't tryna, but I'm
In the same sense, I'm tryna go there off energy
I'm tryna go there off effort
I'm not tryna go there off, off hardships
And all that bullshit bro

I'm fed up of hardships, I'm tired of that shit
I'm good, bro
I'm tryna, I'm tryna tell the world to fuckin' relax, bro
Relax, let me be me, let me, let me be a person
Let me be a king, let me
Off the sense of my mind, 'cause nigga my mind is just different you feel me?
I'm not with that torturous shit, bro
I'm not with that, bro
To be appreciated and jus' be loved, bro
Let a nigga assert himself, brah

Let a nigga be who he wanna be
Though I've made my mistakes, though
I've made my mistakes along the road
Okay, that's my fault, you feel me?
But I know, I know, I be feelin' it
There's someone watchin'
There's somethin' watchin'
I know it Writer(s): Jahseh Onfroy

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