Rachael's Little Brother

Rachael's Little Brother


Album: Heavy Is the Head

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Rachael's Little Brother

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  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 12/13/2019
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: explicit
My love for you will never end
You'll always be a part-part
Yo, like

Father, help me through the pain (Pain)
Father, be my shelter when it's due to rain (Rain)
Brought this on myself so tell me who's to blame (Blame)
These niggas do me dirty, I can't do the same (Nah)
Do the same even though I had a meaner start (Start)
Still a league apart, guess I got a cleaner heart (Heart)
Miscommunication tore my team apart
Now I'm the big dog, I make the whole arena bark (Woof)

Boom-shacka-lacka when I shake the room (Room)
My goons bring the whackers, I just make the tunes
Hakuna Matata when my days are blue (Blue)
All of you rappers need to pay your dues (Word)
Piss my gang off then the slide off
Make you meet the chrome (Chrome)
They'll be Thanos when they find out where you keep them stones

Brudder stabbed me in my back, it really be your own (Own)
I still keep some dragons with me like I'm Peter Jones
I still keep some dragons with me like I'm Stormborn
They're screaming "More, Stormz", so I give 'em more storms
Mandem were against man and now dem man are for Stormz
You can get your chest banged or you can' get your jaw torn

I'm that cold, niggas wanna see me back in that mode
Me and Killa skizzing on the back road
Chilling on our jack jones, used to keep our Rambos tucked
And now we skiz around in Lambo' trucks
And watch the fans go nuts

Father God, I can't believe that this is life (Nah, nah)
Father God, I can't believe that this is mine (Nah, nah)
Father God, you brought me down to build me up
I need your love to fill me up cah nigga hate to see me shine
My city's always been a gangland (Yeah)
Man in the middle like I'm Bam-Bam (Yeah)
Coming like I'm Simba or I'm Aslan (Yeah)
Heart of lion man, they say I got a lion heart
You niggas just learned to fly, I got off to a flying start

This is that expensive rap, it's coming like a dying art
Long as all my people when I'm called to play a tiny part
I am not alone in this, had to share my throne in this
Had to bite the bullet just to show my brothers ownership

I'm playing my position (Yeah)
Them old boys know I'm on a mission (Yeah)
They know that I don't follow no traditions
Do it like I'm Jigga, turn my niggas into moguls
Niggas tryna figure how we livin' through our socials

That's ridiculous
If you wanna know then come and sit with us
Fifty-fifty on some knowledge, take a split with us
Cah if you went legit with us we'd probably build a nation
Passin' on the things we learn and sharin' information

Always better when we stick together
Came up through the grit together
If I'm ever acting up, you'd tell me get my shit together
You hold me down, I'd do the same for you
I hold the crown and hold the bane for you
I finish what I came to do

You know I finish what I started (Yeah)
Yes I dot my I's and cross my T's, I'm fully hearted (Yeah)
Lost some to the streets but we prefer to say they martyred
We had OGs and we preferred them to our fathers
Aight, if I ain't walking in the Holy Spirit I'm a target
Long, long time, I bought a ticket and departed
Now me and big Kuba get to bill it on the charted
I wish I had a pound for every rhythm that I clarted

Aw shit, I pray this feeling never lasts, I pray I cherish it
I pray you keep me on this path
I pray I never slip (Pray I never slip)
I pray for God to really keep me in his fellowship
I bottle up and then I spill it to my therapist

It's not a healthy way of living but we living still (Still)
Tryna fill empty voids up with 7-figure deals (Deals)
Sertraline and nicotine, I hit it 'til it heals (Word)
And that's the kinda shit to keep a nigga in his feels

Cah I coulda been a doctor, coulda been a lawyer
Coulda been a boxer like I'm Oscar De La Hoya
If I stayed at work I'd probably piss off my employer
I'm old school like Lacey-Ann al Frente de Todos

So it's thank you to my mother
And thank the Lord above us
I'm Mister GQ when I'm gracing on the cover
Plus I'm multi-talented it's like I'm Donald Glover
Like what the fuck you talking 'bout? I'm Rachael's little brother
Straight up, word

If you were to go, I don't know
You're the only one who sweeps me off my feet
Makes my soul go weak
The only one that makes my heart want to beat and
I could never live without you
You know that what I feel has to be true
'Cause you're my, my sweet lover

If you were to go, I don't know
You're the only one who sweeps me off my feet
Makes my soul go weak
The only one that makes my heart want to beat and
I could never live without you
You know that what I feel has to be true
'Cause you're my, my sweet lover

I pray you have your soul to keep
Old school like I'm holdin' heat
Old school like I'm rollin' deep
Old school like a soul could be
Old school like when niggas used to do the dirt
Then go to sleep
Back when niggas wouldn't tweet

Now you niggas over-tweet
Damn, a nigga hate to see it
Niggas couldn't wait to pree it
I can see love in your heart
Tell me why you hate to free it?
Tell me why you hate to show it?
I'm my country's greatest poet
Only right I make 'em know it
Candles on my cake, I blow it

Always used to make a wish
Close my eyes and make me rich
Nowadays don't ask for shit
Close my eyes and take the pick
I'm just happy seein' me happy
Brings you some joy
It's the little things in life
These are things this thing destroyed, yeah Writer(s): Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior, Michael Claudius Brown, John Paul Horsley, Eyobed Getachew, Nadia Yutinda Shepherd, Cherise Alana Roberts, Temi Tayo Aisida, Abdul Rasheed Bella, Michael Mugisha, Thelma Charmaine Fiona Howell

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