Remind You

Remind You

Yemi Alade

Album: Woman of Steel

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Remind You

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Lyrics Details

  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 8/30/2019
  • Genre: Pop
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
Hey baby
I just wanna say hi
Okay hello
I can toast you you know Naw
Ok here it goes
One one for the ring on my finger
Two two for the love you showed
So baby let me remind you ooeeh
So you know remind you
One mofe ro re
Two you see I gbadun you die no be lie mm
Everything about you is so fly boy
Baby you the only thing on my mind
Five eeh this boy fine die ehh
Seven no this boy dey burst my mind eh
Eight baby one day I go set boy u know already knoww
One one for the ring on my finger
Two two for the love you showed
Want to remind you ooeeh
So you know remind you eh eh eh
When I sit down for house you dey for my mind
I'm sleeping on deep boy I'm paralyzed
I dey mad when I look in your eyes
Love your roma guy
I fit to hit you up now guy yeahh
Say yeah let me remind youuu
I see the way you look at me
I'm all your love feel the way you do too
Sometimes love seems like its so old
And nothing new will ever grow
So baby let me remind you
Boy you know sey your so cool like ice
Never met another man like you
Can wait to get you be like king
Bae sit down and enjoy the ride
You appreciate me with my wig off and
Look at me even with no make up
And I'll run out of words but if you come I will pour them out on you
Baby let me remind you
Youuuuuu ohhh let me remind you
Boy your love. Your love
Your love. fic Writer(s): Victor Kpoudosu

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