Speak 4 Em

Speak 4 Em

Moneybagg Yo

Album: Time Served

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Speak 4 Em

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  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 1/10/2020
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: explicit
Ooh-ooh, oh
Ooh-ooh, oh

Left a show, then I hopped in the booth (I did)
I was walkin', I jumped in the coupe (Skrrt)
Out the bank, money sticky like glue (It is)
With guerillas, I'm still in the zoo (Crew)
I can't get out the streets 'cause I love 'em (Love 'em)
Why you still in the trap if you buzzin'? (I don't know)
You on fire, you hot as a oven (Fire)
Fuck a bitch 'cause they come by the dozen (Uh)
I can't fuck with you, dawg, you might tell on somethin'
Ayy, go look up my name, I ain't tell on nothin' (No)
I can't hang no more, I'm busy (Busy)
Elevated, upgraded my image (Image)
I got open, I'm lickin' her titties (For real)
Give her dick, she come back; a frisbee (Right now)
I'm the topic, they're talkin', I'm trendin' (Trendin')
No advice, like f*ck your opinion (F*ck)

You can go and ask G, that my witness (Big homie)
I was just broke as f^ck in the trenches (I was)
Now it's G-Wagen trucks in the trenches (Pull up)
Pockets stuffed, 'bout to bust out the britches (Woah)
Credit good, I got stripes like a Visa (Visa)
Bread and sauce like a slice of the pizza (The pizza)
Weigh that dope on the scale like a Libra (Back then)
I was chargin' the shit out them people (Them federal days)
I got niggas that's gone, in jail or deceased
They don't got a voice, so I'ma speak
No matter the pressure, I stand on both feet
I'll get you touched from afar, I got reach (Anywhere)
Lookin' for me in the city, speak up, let us know
I let Grape 'nem work the Drac' (Who?), OVO (What?) they gon' blow
Saw on the 'gram they handled your man (Damn)
Internet tough, he should've quit playin'
Would've paid for the funeral, but he a opp
I'll cut off my feet before I flip-flop
My pockets in shape, I got 'em tip top (Feet)
Lean in my soda, but I'll never go pop

Talk so bad about her, I thought they weren't cool

When I f*cked her friend, she put me on block (She street)

Hahaha, all my old hoes say I act new and shit
If I was them, I'd be missin' me too, hey
I put on Dior to go buy some Louis
We not the same at all (Never)
These niggas petty, they pussy, they coochie
You not the gang at all (Never)
My young nigga solvin' them problems regardless
Steppin' on shit with no shoe on (Shoe on)
Must've lost my mind when I went to Shine
Spent 150 for some screw-ons
Can't be on my team still starvin' (Why?)
I provide the plate but can't eat for 'em
Call a press conference, let me talk to 'em (What they say?)
Translator, I'ma speak for 'em (Speaker)
A-B-C-D-E-F-G, ridin' with a K (Brrt)
Choppa gang, .375, young nigga's hot as May (Big 30)
You plastic surgery if you muggin', better fix your face (Right now)
Hittas gonna lay outside your house, post up, tailgate
Hey, I just f*ckin' relapsed,
Off this drank, I gotta pee now (Doin' it)
Got the hookup on these drugs, think I'm Master P now
I just came to collect what they
Owe me, then I'm out this bitch (Gone)
I just spent a M on VVS', bought some alphabets (Uh)

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