T N Biscuits

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T N Biscuits

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  • Price: $1.29
  • Release Date: 3/7/2017
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: explicit
Drug Dealer
I wear Nike, not Fila
Lean like Tower Pisa
Smile like Mona Lisa
I've had enough of 36 shots
72, had to double up
Mainstream tunes
Couldn't make one
That was mathematics
For the class clown dunce
ABC's I wanted Q's
Get a B, make 2
Crime Watch
Mandem face on news
Directs spamming
Pay me dues
Greed for money
Gas like juice
Take it lightly
It's just food
Certain man haffi kill of the mood
Come like Christmas
Why be Scrooge?

On serious note, I joke
I ent a serious bloke, I smoke
Jump on a beat like a frog of a boat
Take a leap, just float
Take a leaf out my book, I know
Tried to believe them, lost all hope
I just wanna chill, go home
Jump on my push bike, I zone
Ring ring ring, Answer my phone
Getting sick of my own ringtone
Pedal on shit so long
People need to grow, grow a back bone
I'm bad to the bone
Yeah biddididi
And I mash up the flow, getting silly widdit
Timid never know put my spirit in it
Real in the zone like

It's T
None of me sounds like them
I put the T in 10
More melodies than doe
Dun know what you dun know
It's T
I put the T in trend
About to run something
About to don this ting
Ow ya mean
Come through the fog I'm king
On a road
Digging for gold
Run from the boy dem
Hood on the low
Switch off my phone
Ain't going home
Locked in a box
Stuck in a zone
Zone out again
Sit and reflect
Dodging the pen
Like a dog in a yard
So I ain't going yard
Walk in the dark
Walk in the park
I ain't playing no Giggs

Bunning a blem
Chill doing trips
Tell them again
Blind to the sky
Live on a high
Feed the supply
To all the mandem
Slowthai lagging
Body bagging a witch
Steady slanging that talisman shit
I'm a G, yes
Draw for the knife and the CS
Bally on tight, F the BS
Come around here, leave teeth less
Jesus couldn't save this yout
Don't pray to him he ain't saving you
Hate me, you must hate the truth
Box your chin and make you change your tune
If it's gonna get physical
Slyly I'm gonna bring in a tool
Try me you could get slumped in two
One bang, two bang, smoking a zoot
If it's gonna get physical
Slyly I'm gonna bring in a tool
Try me you could get slumped in two
One bang, two bang, smoking a zoot Writer(s): Anish Earbuds, Tyron Frampton

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