Taylor Swift Be My Best Friend

Taylor Swift Be My Best Friend

Rebecca Zamolo

Album: Taylor Swift Be My Best Friend

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Taylor Swift Be My Best Friend

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Rebecca:I know you can't remember your real name yet but...
Maybe this will bring back some memories
Rebecca:Met you at dollhouse then you moved next door
Started hanging out so i trusted u more
Alice:I know
Rebecca:Handcuffed together had bounce house fun
Alice:So fun
Rebecca:Soon you became my number one
Rebecca:Then you flipped to the GMI
Alice:They hired me!
Rebecca:The ZamFam saw it so don't deny
Alice:Its not what you think
Rebecca:Your blonde best friend you had to betray
Alice:Not real blonde
Rebecca:But now you're back and all i have to say is...
You're my best friend nobody understand me better
Because we're best friends and i
Have to agree that we're better together
You got my back and i got yours we don't need to keep score cause
It's only love for each other and that's why we're best
Friends and nothing else matters
Cause we're better together it's true
Rebecca:You really are a great best friend Alice
Alice:So are you Rebecca...
But that's not exactly how i remember it
Hired as an agent by the GMI had to pay my bills you can't deny
Rebecca:Not an excuse
Alice:Then i met this girl who was lots of fun the best time ever but
Had to get things done GMI didn't like it and i
Really wish i wasn't put under cerebral analysis
Rebecca:Oh brother
Alice:But i snapped back out and now stand tall
Rebecca:I'm taller
Alice:Don't forget who saved you at the masquerade ball
Rebecca:I like pink
Alice:I like black
Rebecca:I love dogs
Alice:I like cats
Rebecca:I love sweets
Alice:Yes it's true
Rebecca:But i'll pick salty for you I like coffee
Alice:Me too
Rebecca:If you're Elmers i'm glue,
You're making life better cause i'm weird
Alice:I'm weird too
Alice and Rebecca:You're my best friend


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