This Is America

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This Is America

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  • Release Date: 5/18/2015
  • Genre: Musicals
  • Country: USA
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
I'm the go-to-guy when the going gets tough
And the going's gone mad
And I've kinda had enough
I say it how it is, I'll tell ya to your face
The reason I'm here's to put you in your place!
After death and taxes
And the wars
The only other certainty, my friends, is Ford
We gave the world the very first production line
And we will be right here
Until the end of time.
This is America
We tell you what to do and you do as we say
We are the top-dog you love to hate
And you're all brutal the 51st state.
We're so much bigger, we're so much better
Our sun is hotter
Our water wetter
We're faster and further too
Basically we're totally superior to you.
Anarchists, communists
We fought them til we won
We ____ Jimmy Hoffa and his Teamsters-scum.
We bought all the public transports and then shut it down
And now the car's the only way to get around town.
We're so much better and I'm not ___
We've got Route 66, you've got the A13
We gave you Rock'n'Roll
You gave us Cilla Black.
Well, thanks a lot for nothing, you can have it back.
This is America
We're all straight and you're all gay
We are the top-dog you love to hate
And you are all brutal the 51st state
Get of your high horse,
Put away your sermon
If it weren't for us you'd be speaking german!
And while we're here, there's one thing more:
You still owe us money from the Second World War
____, bazel, tuna, orginial
Patronize, Edinborough,___, Iran,
Croissant, yoghurt, caribbean, urban,
You guys can't even speak english!
This is America
Now don't forget that, you do as we say,
We got the T-Shirts and you got the vest
You're simply the worst and we are simply the best,
We got Hollywood and bagels, too
You got __-TV and ___ too
We got the President; we got Superman
You got Prince Charles and guess where again.
And you do what you do
And you do what you do, you have to otherwise.
And you do what you do
And you do what you do, you have to substitute
You can pick it and choose with Ford
That's your ticket to loose with Ford
One thing certain ___this strike
Get ready, Dagenham, get back to work it on your fight.
This is America
The USA,
We got cops with guns;
We will blow you away;
We got the Kennedy's, we've got Scoobie Doo
You got ___ and ____
We got the White House, you got Number 10
We got the Empire State which messes your Big Ben
We got ____ because remember this:
There's be no Beatles without Elvis

_____, remind me of Siberia, you're basically inferior
Dagenham: Screw you
And fk you, too.

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